Electric Blankets

The Ultimate Companion When You Just Want to Chill

The top range electric blankets are a staple for people who want to relax. They are the ultimate companion when you just want to chill on your couch or bed and watch TV, read a book, or sleep. Electric blankets have been around for over 100 years, but they still hold the same purpose as they did back then: providing warmth.

The first electric blanket was invented by Warren Marrison in 1879 after his wife’s death from tuberculosis left him alone with his young daughter. He had hoped that this invention would help her feel more comfortable at night so she could sleep better. It seemed like it helped because he said she often slept through the night without waking up shivering!

Top Range Electric Blankets

What you need to know about Electric Blankets

They can help with arthritis pain, provide relief on cold winter nights, and increase your energy bill. That’s right – electric blankets actually allow you to save money by keeping the heat turned down during colder months. A lot of people are not aware that most electricity goes towards heating up rooms in your house. However, if you use an electric blanket at night while you’re sleeping or relaxing on the couch then it will keep warm air around you without heating up any other part of the room since it is contained under a sheet or comforter! Another great thing about them is they usually come with dual controls so each side of your bed can be set to its own specific temperature which means no more fighting over how hot (or cold) you like it!

Today’s electric blankets come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles so there is an option for everyone. You can easily find one that will fit your bed or couch perfectly whether you’re looking to snugly cuddle up with your partner or snuggle into the corner of a twin sized mattress by yourself. Since they are relatively inexpensive (some as low as $30) you could even buy two different ones and switch them out depending on what kind of day it was: warm fuzzy blanket when things went well and cool calming blanket when work stressed you out too much! There really isn’t anything bad we can say about these amazing devices except maybe make sure not to leave them turned on all night long – duh!