Signs That Will Indicate That You Need to Replace the Water Heater

Consult A Professional Plumber About Replacing Your Water Heater

In every household, the availability of hot water is of vital importance. Hot water is used for maintaining hygiene, for washing dishes, for washing clothes, for frequent hand washing and much more. Due to frequent use, the water heater needs to be replaced after some time. That’s why you must be wondering how often should I replace a water heater?

No one can tell you exactly how long you need to change the water heater. There are simply certain signs that will indicate that you need to replace your old water heater.

How Often Should I Replace A Water Heater

As you yourself know, nothing can last forever, including your water heater. What is known for sure is that most water heaters last between 8 and 12 years. When this period of time has passed, the water heater must be replaced, because repairs will cost you much more than buying a new water heater.

If your water heater shows signs such as the appearance of rust in the water, leaks, water not heating up, various unusual sounds, it is best to replace the water heater immediately. All of these are signs of major breakdowns occurring on water heaters and repairs and replacement of parts are only temporary solutions that will last a short time. In addition, the energy consumption for heating the water in the old water heater will be much higher compared to the new water heater.

If you still wonder how often should I replace a water heater, consult a professional plumber who will be able to advise you on replacing your water heater.